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Life in QuVideo
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Our Values

Our core values are our fundamental beliefs that define who we are and guide our actions.


Always in Competition

Ambitious in "catfish effect"
Dare to break rules, never be fettered by old conventions,
content with what we have but never stop making progress
Broaden the horizon, set no boundary and look for opportunities
Aware of resource cost to maximize value

Curiosity & Innovation

Keen to explore new things
Actively look for a better solution on multiple
perspectives beyond conventional solutions
Embrace uncertainty and explore new opportunities in the VUCA era

Pursuit of Perfection

Constantly go for higher standards and better results,
not accepting the "almost" results
Be independent and think deeply about the essence of things
Lifelong learning and growth and continuous self-improvement

Remain Open-Minded and Frank

Keep low profile, broaden the horizon,
refrain aggressive expression and being open to different ideas
Dare to speak out all thoughts, never shame to admit weaknesses and mistakes
Stay true to facts and put problems on the table.
No structural management and office politics.

Value Co-Production

Maintain an indepth understanding of user needs, and prioritize improving the user experience
Collaborate on the basis of equality and mutual benefit
Work toward achieving both individual and shared goals and interests

More than a Job

Experience every milestone with us as we innovate, develop, and prosper together.

"QuVideo offers some of the most outstanding products with the most eye-catching user data among Sinovation Ventures' overseas investments. It is very difficult to break into the overseas market,however, from the products produced by QuVideo, it's evident that the company's technology, localization strategy, and other attributes are exceptional."

Kai-Fu Lee

CEO of Sinovation Ventures

Life in QuVideo

We provide long-term development planning, exciting career opportunities, and enriching activities to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

10th Anniversary Celebration.
Quvideo Action for the elderly to enjoy digital life better.
Quvideo Action for Left-behind children’s well-being.
Quvideo Action for teenagers to create a better educational environment.

Open Positions

We invite all talented individuals to join us in creating the future of video entertainment.